For the EARLY BIRD PACKAGES ONLY: A $100 deposit (fully refundable until October 1st, 2013) is required to hold your reservation on this trip. After October 1st, 2013 A $400 deposit is required to hold your spot on this trip. Your deposit is fully refundable, until 90 days before trip departure date or November 24th, 2013. After this date, your deposit is non-refundable. Any additional monies paid are fully refundable (except the deposit amount of $400) until 90 days before trip departure date (“before the trip”) which is January 9th, 2014. An additional $200 penalty per person will be assessed if you cancel your reservation between 90 days (December 5th, 2008) and 45 days before the trip (November 25th, 2013). No monies will be refunded* for cancellations less than 45 days before trip departure (after November 25th, 2013).

Travel insurance through TravelGuard, a very well-known and reputable travel insurer, IS INCLUDED for this trip. If your cancellation is within their requirements for a refund, they will refund your money. Travel insurance is NOT an agreement with and has nothing to do with Any refunds will come from TravelGuard, NOT Claims are not to be sent to

*In the event that it is an option, if another person is found to take your spot (by you or, a change penalty may be assessed and all other monies will be refunded. Any change fees are designated by our air & hotel suppliers and the time your are canceling. All change fees will be passed back to the person canceling. At all times, any service charge fees paid are non-refundable in the event a refund by is issued. Only the trip price paid will be refunded.
All refunds FROM PHILLYTRIPS.COM will take place no more than 14 days after the return date of the trip. PHILLYTRIPS.COM is not responsible for the payments made by Travelguard.

PhillyTrips is not responsible for any flight schedule changes/delays/cancelations implemented by airlines, and reserves the right to substitue alternate flights/carriers that do not sustantially alter the interary. In the event of problems with the hotel that affect our reservations, PhillyTrips reserves the right to substitue alternate accomodations that do not sustantially alter the interary, with similar accomodations. Group travel requires that decisions be made with the best interests of the group in mind; PhillyTrips reserves the right to make any changes to the trip packages that do not substantially alter the value original pacakage. PhillyTrips does the best we can to estimate and include all possible fees in our prices and/or inform customers of in-trip charges they might be lible for, however, PhillyTrips is not responsible for any extra fees charged by airlines or hotels, and you are responsible for any extra charges to your room (phone calls, room service, internet usage fees, etc.). Gifts or ‘swag’ (i.e. T-shirts, promotional merchandise, etc.) and in-travel food and drinks (i.e water, beer, snacks) are considered “Free Items” and no refunds will be given in the case of some or all customers not reciving them for any reason. PhillyTrips will make every attempt to prevent the customer from extra charges, however in order to preserve an itinerary/package, charges of up to 10% of the original package cost (based on FULL PRICE TRIP PACKAGES)may be added to any reservation, to cover unforseen charges or required chages. These extra charges will always be itemized for the consumer upon request, and will be divided up among the group evenly. Any charges required to preserve the trip that are OVER 10% of the original trip price (based on FULL PRICE TRIP PACKAGES) will be discussed with the group before adding them. In most cases, these additional charges will be covered by the requred insurance policy, however FULL PAYMENT of these charges is required prior to submitting a claim.

If you have any questions, please let us know. We promise to work as closely as we can with you in the event you need to cancel the trip and keep change fees to as much of a minimum as we can. Thank you.